CSV collector

The CSV collector creates data points from parsing csv data. Add measurements to the csv collector, and make sure a valid csv file is available in the incoming path of the csv collector for it to start creating data points based upon the configuration of the measurements.

Filtering CSV data for measurements

The CSV collector can create points for multiple measurements at the same record (optionally originating from different value columns).
Measurements on the csv collector, are required to have a value column index using ValueColumn and can optionally have a mapping for a name or multiple names in the csv record using Filter.

When no name in the csv is available for the measurement, the measurement can be saved with Filter:

When there is a name or there are multiple names available in the csv (in different columns) which should match for this measurement, then the measurement can be saved with Filter:
{"column index": "name in csv in that column"}
{"column index": "name in csv in that column", "column index": "name in csv in that column"}

For multiple mappings in Filter, all mappings should be valid for the record to create a point for the measurement!

For one mapping, multiple possible names can be given by separating the names with a semicolon:
{"column index": "name1;name2", "column index": "name in csv in that column"}


Make sure to set the according collector settings , prior to adding measurements with the proper measurement settings .