Collector settings

The collector settings are used by the collector to connect to the Modbus server.

Collector settings

Basic settings


Description: The location of the Modbus server.

Required: yes

Example: opc.tcp://localhost:502


Description: The SlaveID is a string of 2 hex chars referring to the Modbus slave to request data from (f.e. broadcast is ff).

Required: yes

Default value: ff


Description: The default Modbus byte order to interpret the register bytes: big endian AB-(CD)-(EF-GH) vs little endian BA-(DC)-(FE-HG) and the register order in which the need to be processed, AB-(CD)-(EF-GH) vs (GH-EF)-(CD)-AB. [Overwritable on measurement level with f.e. AB-CD-FE-HG]

Required: yes

Default value: AB-(CD)-(EF-GH)

Options: AB-(CD)-(EF-GH) | BA-(DC)-(FE-HG) | (HG-FE)-(DC)-BA | (GH-EF)-(CD)-AB

Advanced settings


Description: The modbus read timeout in milliseconds.

Required: no

Default value: 5000