Released on 10/04/2024

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug loading measurements for the asset properties manual entry form if multiple asset properties are configured with the same measurement
  • Fixed external databases not being filtered by organization


Released on 3/04/2024

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where raw recalculations don’t advance if data is not written via the historian API


Released on 10/03/2024

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where a raw recalculation might stop if the input measurement has data with bad quality


Released on 28/02/2024

Bug fixes

  • Updating event property data type did not work for pending events
  • Fixed parsing of empty periodic property values
  • Fixed error when creating a manual entry with limited privileges


Released on 19/02/2024

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where raw recalculation finishes too soon


Released on 13/02/2024

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where raw calculation advances beyond available data


Released on 06/02/2024

Bug fixes

  • Fixed duplicate key error when migrating database
  • Reevaluate event configuration misses first event if start of reevaluation is equal to start of the first event within the reevaluation period
  • Context.Timestamp is not available when testing calculations scripts


Released on 30/01/2024

Bug fixes

  • Fixed manual entry form for events not displaying correct value in some cases
  • Fixed database field not being editable after cloning a measurement
  • Asset tree now selects the alphabetically first root asset instead instead of any asset


  • Prefill display name field when configuring properties for the manual entry form for events


Released on 19/01/2024

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where a recalculation on a raw calculation might finish before all work is done


Released on 16/01/2024

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in Asset Property manual entry forms related to empty groups
  • Fixed a visual bug in measurement and calculation detail views where the ‘Referenced By’ count would reset when updating


Released on 12/01/2024

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with manual entry forms not being displayed properly
  • Allow decimal values input for engineering specifications
  • Fixed UI breaking when switching an existing calculation to type ‘raw’


Released on 10/01/2024

New Features

Manual Entry Enhancements

  • Expansion of manual entry forms to include periodic event properties.
  • Addition of asset property data entry in manual forms, supporting time series data entry via asset tree.

Measurement Discovery

  • Enhanced collectors to discover measurements.
  • Automatic onboarding of discovered measurements.
  • Integration of a default database field in collectors for automatic measurement onboarding.

Cloud Connectivity (Experimental)

  • Implementation of sinks for streaming points and events to MQTT (generic and SparkplugB).
  • Creation of forwarders to select specific points and events for streaming.
  • Introduction of measurement parquet export feature.
  • Scheduling capability for parquet exports.
  • Querying of time series data in arrow and parquet formats.


  • Improved performance of calculations and event processing.
  • Optional value mapping configuration for asset property configurations with manual detection mode.
  • Ability to set Units of Measurement (UoM) on event type properties.
  • Added functionality to clone manual entry forms.
  • Bulk editing feature for manual entry forms.
  • Modal to display measurement utilization (e.g., in calculations).
  • Filter on asset and event type in manual entry forms.
  • Introduction of an internal collector for manual data entry measurements.
  • Enhanced audit log filter.
  • Improved security for sensitive information in settings.
  • Capability to enter nil values in manual entry forms.
  • Expanded worker pool task overview with additional information.
  • Enable disable experimental features per user.


Released on 10/01/2024

Bug fixes

  • Fixed loading of calculation context on startup


Released on 29/11/2023

Bug fixes

  • Sampled calculations might break if there are too many points in the calculation period
  • Sampled calculations only used default values if there was no data for all input measurements


Released on 8/11/2023

Bug fixes

  • Validate license after fetching it from the portal


Released on 30/10/2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed deletion and re-evaluation of events
  • Fixed measurement data preview include input measurements toggle


Released on 06/10/2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed measurement preview for bool and string input measurements


  • capitalized and renamed variables in calculation context


Released on 01/10/2023

New Features

External Database Connections

  • Added integration with external databases such as Postgres, Oracle, MySQL, Sqlite3 and SAP (hdb and ASA).
  • Event Module Integration: External databases can now serve as a detection mode for event properties. To utilize this feature, a SQL query is required. Comprehensive examples can be found in our documentation .

Worker Pools

  • Added Worker pools which enable constrained execution of concurrent tasks.
  • Worker pools are designated for specific types or groups of tasks, each with individual configurations.
  • Currently, only recalculation tasks utilize this feature, with additional task types to be included in future releases.
  • Tasks executed by a worker pool are visible under Configuration > Tasks.
  • Users can monitor task progress, view details, and manage tasks directly. This includes options to pause, resume, or cancel most tasks.

Calculation Context

  • Added a stateful context for calculations, which retains the last result and timestamp.
  • Local context variables used in our custom local Tengo library can be added, modified and deleted.

Measurement labels

  • Added the ability to add labels to measurements and calculations.
  • Added filtering options to sort measurements and calculations by labels.


  • Added a table view for measurement data previews.
  • Added functionality to preview input measurement data within data previews for calculations.
  • Added support for array data types for calculation input measurements.
  • Enabled calculations to be restarted from a specific timestamp.
  • Added an option to set a default value for input measurements of sampled calculations when “Evaluate Insufficient Data” is enabled.
  • Added “Close After” as an option to event property configurations.


Released on 06/09/2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bulk deletion of events
  • Fixed an error where manual entry form overwrites the manual entry from from another organization


Released on 08/08/2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed possible panic in sampled calculation when referencing same measurement multiple times as input measurement
  • Sampled calculations will not advance beyond last valid data of all input measurements


Released on 07/08/2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed prefilling of value in property input field of manual entry forms


Released on 03/08/2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed decimal precision in property input field of manual entry forms


Released on 20/07/2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug making editing a user not possible


Released on 10/07/2023


Manual event entry

  • Start/stop events inside manual entry forms
  • Edit the start/stop time of an event inside manual entry forms
  • Delete an event from inside the manual entry form
  • Merge/split events from inside the manual entry form


  • Added the option to delete a collector
  • Added license expiration warning
  • Added automatic fetching of license changes
  • Properties of events configured with the same display name and in the same group in a manual entry form will be displayed on the same line
  • Added rate limiter to the logger


Released on 09/06/2023

Bug Fixes

  • Swagger API is now available without trailing slash
  • Fixed a bug where it wasn’t possible to update a measurement’s failover settings if a collector wasn’t in ‘Initial’ status


  • Removed select a provider placeholder from login form
  • Added Datatype field to GetMeasurements endpoint for collectors to use


Released on 10/05/2023

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where you can’t remove a root organization group from a user
  • Fixed incorrect displaying of periodic event properties when there is a property without data


  • Added support to use influx2 as internal database for statistics and logs
  • Events without a parent are now closed if there is a later parent event available
  • Save system statistics of the historian to the internal database
  • Added system load and disk space usage of mounted disks to the historian system statistics


Released on 28/04/2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a wrong translation in the modal for the reevaluation of events
  • Added missing views and functions to the organization schemas
  • Fixed a frontend bug breaking some pages when hard reloading


  • Added organization info to the client portal statistics
  • Improved performance of calculations by a factor of 5
  • Improved performance of the calculation of event properties by reducing the amount of required influx queries
  • Added a refresh button for the logs


Released on 18/04/2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed submit button for calculations not working in some cases
  • Evaluate Insufficient data didn’t work if input measurement had no data in the time range
  • Fixed user group mapping for groups in the root organization
  • Only show relevant properties when setting up a manual entry form
  • Fixed raw calculation test button
  • Fixed sampled calculation test for aggregation ‘count’
  • Fixed the organization settings cache
  • Fixed the event property worker not updating parent event after updating the event configuration


  • Display time series database UUID
  • Show user in manual entry history
  • Refined validation of objects in the API
  • Improved search measurement component
  • Improved search parent event configuration component


Released on 31/03/2023



  • Added organizations to allow easier deployment of multi-site Factry Historian’s.

Authentication & authorization

  • Added the following new authentication providers:
    • Microsoft
    • LDAP
    • Google
  • Added configurable user group mapping for Microsoft and LDAP
  • Reworked the users and user groups management
  • Reworked privileges and better enforcement of correct privileges
  • Added revokable user session tokens and added API tokens (used by collectors)

Manual entry of event properties

  • Added configurable forms for manual entry of event properties.

Grafana custom data source

  • Added support for our custom Grafana data source.


  • Time series databases can be soft deleted
  • Calculations start in status ‘Paused’
  • Added more calculation examples
  • Allow changing of the collector on a measurement
  • 100% more swagger (Added swagger API documentation)
  • Overhauled the configuration menu layout
  • Added duration column to event views
  • Measurement search regex support
  • Added option to split events
  • Event processor performance improvements


Released on 23/02/2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed array datatype as event trigger measurement crashing the historian


Released on 07/02/2023

Bug fixes

  • Joined periodic event views were not filtered by event type UUID
  • Fixed recalculation causing query timeouts


Released on 19/01/2023

Bug fixes

  • Allow multiple failover configuration with the same ip/port
  • Allow setting the stop delay to zero for the failover collector
  • Fixed a bug where the time series database name was not displayed when searching for measurements


Released on 10/01/2023


  • Allow the use of json, hex and base64 tengo libraries and added fmt.sprintf function


Released on 03/01/2023

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where event workers with long grace periods didn’t progress


Released on 11/12/2022

Bug fixes

  • Fixed failover collector not writing points


Released on 09/12/2022

Bug fixes

  • Fixed nil pointer exception
  • Fixed missing function in tengo scripting library



  • Improved event processing efficiency by adding a partial index on open events
  • Added an option to sampled calculation that allows running the script on partial or missing data


Released on 04/11/2022

As of v5.2.0 a read only user is mandatory for all time series databases. If this user has not been configured in the previous versions we urge you to do so for the correct functioning of the Historian. Until a read only user is set up correctly you might experience problems with the event module, calculations and the measurement data preview in the frontend. All other functions such as data collection will continue normal operation. After the read only users have been set up all functionality will resume.
The databases which require attention are marked red in the time series databases overview.
As of v5.2.0 the internal influx database _internal_factry is onboarded with a retention policy of 12 weeks in order to reduce disk usage. We recommend customers running earlier versions to alter the retention policy of the influx database _internal_factry to 12 weeks. You can find instruction here on how to achieve this.


Time series databases

  • In order to reduce disk usage the internal time series database for the historian is now created in the wizard with a default retention policy of 12 weeks
  • Use read-only user for querying the time series databases

OPC-UA Alarms & Conditions

A new measurement datatype raw was added to support the new event data collection method for OPC-UA collectors.


  • Added filter parameters to the URL of the event overview page
  • Updated measurement data preview visualization
    • Different colors per series
    • Tooltip on points with timestamp and value
  • Text inputs trim whitespaces
  • Added health status to the calculation collector
  • Separate logs for the calculation collector
  • A failover collector waiting now has it’s health as Idle instead of Paused
  • Added StopDelay to failover collector settings, this is how long the failover collector will collect after the main collector returns

Bug fixes

  • Fix parsing of raw query responses without timestamps
  • Added message to indicate if an empty bulk upload in the measurements page
  • Added a datatype check when calculating event properties
  • Fixed incorrect datatype in time series query response
  • Fixed time series database form errors
  • Reduced response size when getting measurements significantly


Released on 14/10/2022


  • Attempt to update buffer path permissions before exiting


Released on 06/10/2022


  • Added support for JSON input in measurement/collector settings


Released on 12/09/2022

Bug fixes

  • Simple properties with no data were stored incorrectly


Released on 12/09/2022

Bug fixes

  • Newline the tags of points written to influx1.x were not escaped correctly


Released on 08/09/2022

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where events where not processed properly if the number of open events per event configuration exceeded 100
  • Faster startup when event processing is enabled


Released on 06/09/2022

Bug fixes

  • Fixed response conversion for influx2 queries


Released on 31/08/2022


Failover collector

Time series databases

  • Added support for Influx v2.x
  • Added server side buffering for the calculation collector

Advanced collector settings

  • Most environment variables for the collectors have been removed and are now available to be configured in the historian frontend as advanced collector settings


  • Allow renaming of collectors
  • Measurement filters are now used in the excel export
  • Removed measurement bulk upload with JSON
  • Added a confirmation step to the measurement bulk upload
  • Added a refresh button to the data preview for measurements
  • Changed the default time period from 6h to 5m for the measurement preview
  • Prefill filtered database/collector in create measurement
  • Added a clone button for measurements/calculations
  • Added a ‘Good points only’ option to historian event property
  • Made the order of setting columns in measurement excel export more consistent

Bug fixes

  • Measurement logs search input
  • Fixed created_at and created_by getting reset on update for some objects
  • Fixed the measurement validation schema not updating correctly when creating a measurement
  • Fixed a bug where the calculations where reloaded when selecting a calculation
  • Fixed a visual bug when setting a measurement/collector setting to 0
  • Fixed menu icons in Firefox


Released on 25/08/2022

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where input measurement for calculation selects wrong one if measurements with same name exists in another database


Released on 23/07/2022

Bug fixes

  • The major version of the go modules has been bumped to V5


Released on 14/07/2022



  • Measurements have a preview pane which displays the most recent historical data for that measurement
  • Improved pagination of logs and audit logs

Event detection module

  • We announce the addition of the Event Detection module ! This enables detecting time-based events and aggregate values on top op these events using process data.


  • Performing operations on existing measurements is added by means of Calculations , which output their results in new separate measurements stored as new time series data.


Released on 30/06/2022



  • In the timeseries database overview, databases are sorted by name
  • An about screen was added in the user menu in the bottom left of the screen displaying the current Historian version. On clicking the about screen, links pop up to the Historian documentation and the factry client portal.
  • Added pagination to the log viewer


  • In the measurement list, measurements can be filtered by uuid
  • Importing meassurements support an “Import” column. When left blank, the measurement on the corresponding row will not be imported. Filling in any value in this column (eg X), will import the measurement on the corresponding row. The use of the column is optional.
  • The measurements overview auto-refreshes to live update the measurement statuses


  • The collector health status dot has been restyled using additional status colors.

Bug fixes

  • Stability improvements in the bulk import error handling


  • Added advanced environment variables to collector documentation


Released on 16/06/2022

Bug fixes

  • Disable profiling on production builds


Released on 14/06/2022

Bug fixes

  • Fixed “too many open files” issue by influx connection cleanup


Released on 07/06/2022

Bug fixes

  • Fixed broken measurements filter


Released on 02/06/2022

Bug fixes

  • Allow for larger GRPC messages
  • Display user group name instead of description
  • Fixed possible “out-of-range” error
  • Fixed nil pointer problem on non-preloaded measurements


Released on 09/05/2022

Bug fixes

  • Removed profiling code from the binary


Released on 04/05/2022

Breaking changes

  • To support the use of a new influxdb storage model some influx-data will have to be migrated
  • Pre v4.0 collectors will have to be upgraded due to changes to the historian API


This release includes the following new features:

Audit logs

The historian server now audits the creation, updating and deletion of the following objects:

  • Historian users
  • Historian settings
  • Measurements and measurement settings
  • Time series databases
  • Collectors

Encrypted GRPC communication

The collectors now securely communicate with the historian via the GRPC protocol. This significantly reduces the amount of bandwidth used by the factry collector.