Internal timeseries databases

_internal_factry is a timeseries database used to store historian/collector logs and collector statistics. This database gets configured during the “First time setup” after installing the historian. The database is initialized with a retention policy named _internal_factry_rp of 12 weeks which means that data older than 12 weeks is not kept.


You can view these logs in the historian.

Common fields

  • timestamp
  • application (2 options, reflects the type of the log)
    • historian-server
    • historian-collector
  • message
  • level

Server logs

Logs from the historian server, they currently have no extra influx fields. Which logs are stored are defined by the LOG_LEVEL environmental variable .

Collector logs

Logs sent by the collectors. Which logs get sent depends on the configured log level .

Extra fields:

  • collector_name
  • collector_type
  • collector_uuid
  • measurement_uuid
  • version


Statistics from the collectors, these get updated every 30 seconds.


  • cpu_usage (%): average over a period of 30s
  • memory_usage (%): average over a period of 30s
  • free_disk_space (bytes): Free disk space of the drive the collector is installed on
  • system_uptime (seconds)
  • uptime (seconds): Uptime of the Historian
  • points_written: Points written since last check
  • cpu_count: Amount of cpu’s on machine
  • cpu_load: Average cpu load
  • memory_total: Total available memory
  • memory_free: Available memory
  • mount info(for every mount):
    • mount_point
    • total_disk_space
    • free_disk_space


  • collector_name
  • collector_type
  • collector_uuid
  • collector_uptime (seconds)
  • version
  • bad_points: amount per 30 seconds
  • good_points: amount per 30 seconds
  • points_sent: amount per 30 seconds


  • buffer_current_size: amount of points in memory
  • buffer_error_files: amount of invalid buffer files
  • buffer_disk_flushes: amount of disk flushes since last statistics update