An organization is an entity that helps you isolate users and resources such as collectors, measurements, time series databases and assets. Their purpose is to provide completely separate experiences, which look like multiple instances of Factry Historian, within a single instance.

At a minimum a historian will have 2 organizations, the organization created during the setup wizard and a root organization. The organization created during the setup wizard is like every other organization that can be created.

Root organization

The root organization is for system administrators. You cannot switch to this organization: you cannot create collectors, measurements and so on for this organization. It exists to be able to view/configure the following:

  • General API and authentication settings
  • View/create organizations
  • View/create authentication providers
  • Manage the license
  • View application logs
  • Manage the _internal_factry time series database

Creating an organization

The first organization will be created during the setup wizard . If you have upgraded from v5.2.x or before a default organization will have been created automatically.

Navigate to the configuration menu and select Organizations under Server settings. This will give an overview of all the organizations. Press the Create organization button to create a new organization.

“Organizations overview”

  1. Enter a name
  2. Optionally enter a description
  3. Enter PostgreSQL user name
  4. Enter PostgreSQL user password
  5. Enter PostgreSQL user password confirmation
  6. Press Submit

“Create organization”

Creating an organization will also do the following:

  • Add new organization-specific settings with their default values
  • Creates 3 user groups with pre-defined privileges
    • Administrators: can do anything within the organization
    • Managers: can do everything needed to setup data collection
    • Collectors: group used by collectors in the organization
  • Create a calculation collector
  • Create an internal collector
  • Create a separate event processor
  • Automatically adds the user that created the organization to the organization in the Administrators group
  • Create a PostgreSQL user that has access to all the event views inside the created organization

Switching organization

If you are member of user groups spanning multiple organizations you can switch between them. To do so click your username in the bottom left corner.

“User menu”

Click the current organization.

“Current organization”

Press the switch-icon next to the organization you want to switch to.

“Switch organization”