A raw calculation executes a one on one mapping for each value, mapping the old value to the new value. For a raw calculation a script runs for every newly available value of the given input measurement.

Raw calculation settings

  1. Input measurement

    • Measurement: The name of the input measurement. The measurement is selected by searching in all existing measurements over all databases. Note that there is no check on the health or configuration of the measurement during selection.

    • Alias: An alias for the input measurement which must be used in the script to address the input measurement. Aliases are automatically generated by the system in alphabetical order and must be preceded by an underscore (_). The preceding underscore is automatically provided and thus fixed, yet the name of the alias can be changed as desired.

  2. Script

    • The script calculates a new value for each value of the input measurement.
    • The resulting value should have the datatype that is configured in the calculation.
    • You are able to test your script using the “Test” button, prior to saving the calculation script.
    • Read further about setting up a calculation script .
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