How to manually enter event properties

Once you have configured a manual entry form with the type ‘Asset property form’ , you will be able to view it in the manual entry form overview if you are member of a Group with appropriate permissions.

Press the eye icon to go to the manual entry form.

Manual entry form overview

This will show all time series manual entries from the configured asset properties.
Depending on the configuration, the properties will be grouped by their group or shown in an asset tree .

Manual entry asset properties form view with group

Manual entry asset properties form view with asset tree

Manual time series entry

To enter new values for the asset properties click Create manual entry.

  • Enter the timestamp, by default the current timestamp
  • Enter a value for each property, if no value for a property is entered no entry will be created for this property

Manual entry form create time series data

To edit previously entered values press the edit icon on the row.
Only changed values will be updated, a value can be cleared by pressing the trashcan icon. Clearing a value will delete the time series data.

Manual entry form edit time series data


To view the manual entry history for a timestamp press the history icon at the end of the row.
A modal will open with a tab for every asset property. Clicking the history icon next to an older value will revert the value to this older value by creating a new manual entry.

Manual entry form asset properties history


The asset properties form can be filtered by selecting a time range. The selected time range has to be within the configured maximum time range

Manual entry form asset properties filter

Using engineering specs

If `use engineering specs`` is enabled for an asset property the following will be different, depending on which engineering specs are configured.

  • UoM (Unit of Measure) in the overview
  • Min and/or max value for numeric values
  • Warning icon when a value exceeds the lower or higher threshold