External databases

You can add connections to external structured databases to augment you timeseries data and event data. In this version of Factry Historian you can use these databases to fill event properties on detected events.

External Databases

Creating an external database connection

To create an external database connection, go to the ‘Configuration’ tab on the bottom left. Your can find the ‘External Databases’ overview in the ‘Organization Setting’ section.

Click the ‘Create database’ button.

External Database configuration

  1. Enter a unique name
  2. Optionally enter a description
  3. Select a database type. Currently MySQL, SAP (hdb and ASA), postgres, Oracle, SQL Server and sqlite3 are supported
  4. Timeout in milliseconds. (this is the default maximum time Factry Historian will wait for a query to complete )
  5. Enter a connection string. You can use $USER and $PASSWORD if you wish to exclude this sensitive data from the connection string. If you do 2 extra field will appear below. These placeholders are replaced when creating a connection with the values filled in in the next two steps
  6. Enter the username for the database connection. Make sure this is a user that only has read only permission on the database
  7. Enter the password

When you’re done you can press the ‘Save’ button, if everything is working you’ll see a success notification. If something went wrong more details are available in the error message.

Always make sure you configure a user with read only privileges to prevent possible data loss by misconfiguration.